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Sports, show business, entertainment & special corporate event photography

Professional photographer Norbert Schramm provides his services to companies and individuals. Norbert Schramm, a former world medalist and Olympic figure skater from Germany, has worked in show biz and public relations for many years.

Action photography for emotional moments ...

His unique style in photography is characterized by his ability to capture emotional moments in live entertainment. These exciting moments in his photography illustrate what makes sports and show business so special.

What Norbert Schramm does for your company

He works for the entire show business and entertainment industry (Broadway, theater, film, television and sports), as well as for corporate events. Norbert Schramm capture best quality photos or videos of your events and guests. You get professional digital photos or videos for the use of your future public relations, which will represent your company or organization in a fresh, dynamic and exciting way.

Your individual personality in an emotional style to create the story of yourself

Professional performer and artists get full body action shots and emotional detail shots. Whether you are a male or female actor, comedian, musician, dancer, model, celebrity or any combination thereof, you will get your own individual look out of our photo session in color and/or B&W in best digital photography quality. With years of experience Norbert Schramm provides you with innovative photos.

Foto Norbert Schramm


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